Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hello and welcome to ASK THE PSYCHIC! In the forty years I have spent helping people, the most frequently asked questions are about LOVE. People want to know how to meet someone special, how to pick the right person, and how to make the relationship work. They are amazed when they find out a great relationship begins with THEM. Before we go looking for a special someone, we need to take SELF inventory and work on the characteristics we have that would prevent a positive relationship with a significant other. This includes being overly critical, constantly complaining or being negative, talking without listening, and being selfish and self centered. We need to work on our self and become the best we can become. After we do that, we must DECIDE what we want in a significant other. Many people have lists of what they want in another person that are unrealistic and unattainable. Pick a few things that are the most important to you. It might include the person`s age, education, or religion. Other people might want a non drinker or smoker. Each person has their priorities. Don`t focus just on physical characteristics, look at who the person is inside. Physical traits like thinning hair and overweight can be modified. It`s much harder to change what is, or isn`t, INSIDE a person. It`s important to remember that a relationship is an INVESTMENT in time and emotions, and not everyone will give us a return on our investment. When we meet someone we should WANT to meet them, not NEED to meet them. When we need someone, many times we come off as DESPERATE, and scare potential prospects away. People who are looking for someone to pay their bills, rescue them from life, or take care of them, are not looking for a significant other as much as they are a solution to their emotional, monetary, or other problems. They would be better off taking care of their own responsibilities, instead of looking for someone else to handle them Wanting someone in our life is totally different than needing them. A person who is looking for someone to share their life with, and to love and care for, is not looking to be rescued. They want someone who will COMPLEMENT their life, and add to it. When two such people enter into a relationship, they have a high chance of it being successful. Remember that love takes time, so get to KNOW the person in many different situations before you make any judgments about them or the relationship. Enjoy the person, and see where the relationship goes. Even if they aren`t “the one”, they might be a great friend. Always stay open, and be friendly to everyone you meet. The person you meet may have a brother, sister, cousin, etc. that is perfect for you. Tell friends and family to introduce you to people they know that they feel you might like. For most of us, finding someone is a PROCESS, it`s not instantaneous. The best way to bring love into your life is to GIVE love to others. There are many places that need people to help them . It could be as a volunteer at a shelter, literacy program, tutoring a child, or being a Big Brother or Sister. The list is endless. Pick something and give it your attention, interest, commitment, and love. By doing this, you set up a love VIBRATION, and that vibration will attract others. Pretty soon, you will attract the person that you have been wanting, and waiting for. What we send out comes back to us, so if we send out love to others, it will RETURN to us. We need to remember that love can come from anywhere or anything, not just a significant other. It comes from family, friends, and associates. We can get love and enjoyment from our job, hobbies .and our pets. Don`t feel badly if you have done all these things and you haven`t met your special someone. Everything happens when it should, and it will occur when the TIMING is right. Don`t get upset or feel hopeless, because your time is coming! If the relationship doesn`t work out, find out why. If it was just not a good “fit", fine. If not, and we made mistakes, we need to learn from them, and don`t make them again. Until next time, as the song says, “I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm, but most of all, when shadows fall, I WISH YOU LOVE”. SUPER PSYCHIC LADY

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5, 2007 WELCOME

Welcome to ASK THE PSYCHIC! My first blog will be posted by next week. Come back and visit because this blog is all about YOU!